JXD Financial has truly been a lifesaver. From the very beginning they told me both the pro’s and con’s of the program, and didn’t try to sell it or pitch it to me. They have always been VERY straight forward. When I was paying roughly 3K a month in debts that were going to take well over 12 years to pay off, they analyzed all of my debt, and were able to put me in a program in which I will be paying less than $700 a month for 46 months. If you are having financial problems or simply want to get out of the hole from all of your debt and consolidate it then JXD are the folks you need to be talking to.

– Eugenio O,
USMC Sergeant,
Post-9/11 Service-Disabled Honorably Discharged Veteran


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Our comprehensive solutions can dramatically lower your monthly minimum payment obligations, reduce or even eliminate your interest, and help you to become completely debt free in as little as three years.

 I was always ashamed to admit how much debt I really had. Privately I knew I was climbing a mountain that would never end. I was even more ashamed to have to talk to somebody about getting help with it. I took a chance & called Jason at JXD Financial. He listened without saying a word for 25 minutes while I told him everything about how I built up this debt & how I let it ruin my life. He then spoke to me very calmly and said we can help, we will help, and things will turn around for you. And, they did. It has not been easy, but it is easier. The only debt I have now after being in their program is a debt of gratitude.

– Betty L.,
Jackson, MS.

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