The money I save every month is helping me to put my son through private school which is all I ever wanted to. I charged the cards, I know I owe them, and I intend on paying them. JXD explained to me that I can still do that but also live my life the best way possible. I talked to Jason at JXD about once every few weeks for updates and he always takes the call and hasn’t once given up on me. We put together a plan, it’s in place, and now I pay what I can afford, and live at the same time. I am very happy I did this.

– Eileen K.,
Yonkers, NY


to show you how to become debt free

Last year my husband passed away. After the funeral, the aftershock, the grief, and the disbelief I was faced with the reality of getting on with my life. I had bills to pay that I never even knew about it. Then, the harassing calls started coming in. I went online to research how to pay off these cards and even tried calling some of the creditors on my own. I explained to them that I was simply a joint account holder and my husband was in charge. I left everything for him to handle, but he passed away. They didn’t care. The horror of being attacked on the phone by these collectors completely rattled me. Then my co-worker gave me an old business card for Jason Bandel at JXD Financial. I called him. He was very nice. He understood what I am dealing with. When he said I wasn’t alone and that if I trusted him and his experience he would help to get me through this. He did, and I am thankful.

– Ruth Ann D.,
Grand Rapids, MI

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